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"Owner Contact Service" introduces a whole NEW way to contact owners of lost keys, cell phones, wallets and other items! See sample Tags.
Losing your keys and having to hire a locksmith can be quite costly, not to mention the inconvenience of not having access to your car, home, business and other places that require your keys. Also, losing your cell phone can be devastating! Most cell phones contain the names and phone numbers of family, friends and business associates, along with other valuable data, all of which are usually not backed up. And anyone would certainly want to have their wallet returned for fear of identity theft, and because of it containing credit cards, photos, and other important items that may be irreplaceable. Now there's a NEW way for anyone that has found your keys, cell phone or wallet to contact you immediately and arrange to have your item returned to you, simply by going to the website shown on your tag and entering your unique "Owner Contact Code" also shown on the tag. They can also call the Toll Free number shown, so that you can be immediately contacted by the system operator. "Stuff Tags" are also available with the service and help with getting back other lost items. As a member, you decide what contact information to list on your contact page. Anyone can also send you an email message through the automated system. Your personal email address remains private at all times and NO street address is shown. Membership also gives you FREE Replacement Phone Coverage. If your phone is irretrievable, stolen or damaged, Wemetcard Inc. will pay 100% of your deductible payment for a replacement phone. (FREE for limited time).
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Global Solutions
LOST AND FOUND SERVICES: "Owner Contact Service" provides the lost and found solution, by enabling Lost & Found Departments worldwide, to quickly contact owners of lost items. Schools, Colleges, Churches, Sports Stadiums, Amusement & Theme Parks, Airports, Stores and Malls, Hotels, Theaters, Transportation Services and other locations with lost & found services, can also earn affiliate commissions by promoting the service. For program details and to sign up your Lost & Found Department, click here.
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